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Sutton Road Great Bowden

The beautiful village of Great Bowden lies on the edge of the Welland Valley and has a past history dating back to Anglo Saxon times.

Great Bowden still enjoys a village way of life and to this day has retained itself by largely remaining within its ancient boundaries. Surrounded by attractive countryside and separation of settlements land, Great Bowden has a unique relationship with its larger neighbour, Market Harborough.

The village’s picturesque centre consists of beautiful greens, shops, pubs, the village hall and our historic church.

Dingley Road Great Bowden

With a population of approximately 1000, Great Bowden has an active Parish Council, a variety of services, a host of clubs/groups, a pre-school and a primary school.

If you would like to know more about the history of Great Bowden and its Heritage, please visit the Groups page. The Historical Society or Archaeological & Heritage Group can provide a wealth of information.

Please view the current Newsletter-2014-Winter which includes articles and news items from local residents.


Great Bowden Events Calendar

Select event for venue & further information. If you'd like an event added please tell us about it here.


News & Information

* Great Bowden Village Festival 2012 - PAGE includes Gallery of events



Weltons - New Takeaway Menu and Catering Menu


Weltons Cafe Menu


Pimp your Bin and Tug of War Pictures 2014





Great Bowden Village - The Future of the POST OFFICE depends on you


I speak to a handful of people from surrounding villages every week who say how lucky we are at Great Bowden to have a variety of shops, pubs and even a Post Office with ATM which makes the village what it is.

However, as I’ve mentioned before, there are more Post Office closures planned.

This Post Office needs to stay in use, to stay open. This Post Office will be closed, if it is not financially viable.  

Having a Post Office available in the village, not to mention the ATM, which comes with the Post Office, is an asset to all of us and I assume everyone would like it to remain operational. There are many ways in which you can make this possible and support your local Post Office:

With all of these benefits, there are so many reasons why our Post Office in Great Bowden is so convenient. If every household in the village did just one thing through the Post Office, it really would make a difference and keep the Great Bowden Post Office and ATM operational.







Garden Society - Show Information Page


New Beginners Running Group in Great Bowden




New group in Great Bowden

The Sunflower Relaxation Classes
Are you stressed? Feeling anxious? Struggling to sleep?
The Sunflower relaxation classes will help you calm your mind, release the stresses of the day and aid your well-being. Relax with gentle movement, breathing techniques and guided visualisations.     

Classes now booking for ~
Wednesdays  - 2nd & 4th of each month at 7.00 till 8.30 pm
Thursdays at 12.15 till 1.15 pm
Places are limited so to book your place, or enquire about the classes, please call Simon on 01858 414 269 or email














LRWT Great Bowden Group

Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

The local group of the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust serving the south of the county.

Autumn/winter meetings are held in Sep, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar on the third Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall. A variable number of outdoor events are arranged for spring/summer.


Bruce White, Chairman, tel: 01858 467976 email:

Gerald Mitchell, Village Recorder, tel: 01858 462393 email:


Weds 15th Oct 2014 - 'Wild Flowers and Waterways', Mary Matts, Old Union Canals Society 
Weds 19th Nov 2014 - 'Charnwood Forest: A Living Landscape', Michael Jeeves, LRWT Head of Conservation 
Weds 21st Jan 2015 - A.G.M. + 'Welland Valley Wildlife through the Lens of a Young Photographer', James Burman 
Weds 18th Feb 2015 - Wildlife of Scotland & Isle of Mull, Ken Reeves, Tour guide & Trip Organiser
Weds 18th Mar 2015 - Bird Migration, Wildlife Photographer 

7.30 pm in the Village Hall
Entrance fees (include refreshments) £2 for Wildlife Trust members £2.50 non-members







Historical Society Calendar

Programme for 2014 -15

Sept 1st             Dr. Richard Buckley - "2 Ancient Curses, 2 Lost causes & a Missing King, Recent Excavations"

Oct 6th               Dr Wendy Freer - "Canals in Wartime"   (1st & 2nd WW)

Nov 3rd              Dr Leonard Holden- "Early Days of the
                            Coaching Trade in Mkt Harborough                        

Dec 1st              Christmas Party & Quiz


Jan 5th               Market Harborough Movie Makers

Feb 2nd              Mr Brian Johnson - "History of Leicester's Cinemas"

Mar 2nd               Mr Alan Langley - "A Victorian Village, Age & Life in East Farndon"

Apr 13th              Mr Mike Stroud - "William Knibbs, Kettering Baptist Minister & Anti-slave Campaigner"                                
                             ( 7.30pm, in Great Bowden Village School)

May 11th             Mr Gareth King - "Leicestershire Outlaws"
                            ( 7.30pm, in Great Bowden Village School)

June 1st              Mr Denis Kenyon - "The Work of the Leicester City & County, and Rutland At Risk War Memorials"

All meetings in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. Unless otherwise stated.





Attention all dog owners


It is apparent that dog fouling is becoming an increasing issue in several areas of the village, particularly the Recreation Ground.  Several dog owners have even reported it to the Parish Council on the basis that it reflects badly on all of them. This cannot be allowed to continue unchecked, especially in areas frequented by children. 

You should be aware that Harborough District Council is now aware of the issue; the Dog Warden and Environmental Health Officers will be patrolling the village.

Although people mainly accept that they should clear up after their dog there are a few that don't. Everyone who doesn't clear up after their dog is allowing the streets and parks of Bowden to look unsightly.  There are potentially serious health issues too, particularly for children.

The Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996

If you fail to clear up after your dog in one of the designated areas you will have committed an offence under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996.  If a Council Officer witnesses you failing to clean up after your dog, you should be aware that a Magistrate's Court may impose a fine of up to £1,000.

Further details are available on the HDC website

Great Bowden Parish Council






Great Bowden Historical Society

Web Site



Great Bowden Heritage & Archaeology
Web site








Great Bowden - Looking out for all - Neighbourhood Watch

If you see anyone who you think is acting suspicious or vehicles in the village that seem unusual please do call, Crime prevention on 0116 222 2222 or by visiting the Force
website at

If the sighting is of an innocent nature it can be validated. Being vigilant can stop crime.




Read all about it!

Since 2003, Great Bowden Heritage and Archaeology Group has been collecting evidence to illustrate the life
and times of the village before the Norman Conquest. We have built a picture from digs, field walking,
metal detection, local records and wider history, compiling three booklets to give you a flavour of the
village in those times.

Free copies have been donated to local schools, but there is a charge to the public to contribute towards printing costs.

£2.50 per booklet or a set of three for £5 

Contact Liz Thomas on 01858 466003







A History of Great Bowden School

A very interesting history of our school from 1839-2009 with archive material and photographs leading through to live memories and the present day.

To order a copy please click on the image below to view application form.

Books cost £6 (Book £5.00 + £1.00 P&P)

Great Bowden School - A History 1839 to 2009

All proceeds go to the School and the Great Bowden Historical Society.


Great Bowden Pre-School Fundraising Appeal


Any old clothes or blankets? Sainsbury's Vouchers?

Great Bowden pre-school is trying to raise funds for new equipment.
We are working with the Fire Fighters Charity (Charity Registration Number: 1093387) to collect clothes, blankets,
duvets and shoes, which they weigh after collection and donate some money to the pre-school.
We would welcome any items you may have at all.

They can be dropped off at the Church Hall, Dingley Road during preschool hours,
Mon, Tue, Thurs 9am – 3.15pm and Wed, Fri 9 am – 12 noon.
If you have any questions please call the pre-school on 0779 047 0411.


Lorries Using Village Centre

It is noticeable that heavy lorries are continuing to use the village as a through-route and in particular ignoring the lorry restriction on Dingley Road. The only way for the village to make an impact on this problem is to complain and the more people that do so the better the effect.

All that is required is to provide in written form to the Police Inspector, MH Police Station is a short note providing:
Date/time of incident
Description of lorry: type / colour of vehicle, owners name and if possible the registration number.
Direction of Travel: from or to Corby
Road being used: particularly Dingley Road




Station Road Great Bowden

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* Population figures taken from the 2001 census give a total of 954 residents within Great Bowden Parish. Since 2001 new properties have been built on the site of the old Countryman pub as well as on Langton Road and more recently the conversion of Bishops House into apartments. Great Bowden Parish 2001 Census of Population.




The Village Web site

Great Bowden’s village web site was created by volunteers who are members of the Compass Group.

Information has been provided by groups and individuals within the village as well as suggestions which have shaped it into the web site we have today. hopes to provide information on groups and services within the village as well as information or links to, travel, tourism etc which may be of use. The much loved Village Newsletters are also available to view.

News items on meetings and events may be submitted to the details below for inclusion.

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