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JUNE 2017


Great Bowden Neighbourhood Plan - Open Event

Draft Plan

Saturday, 17th June 2017

12 noon - 3pm - Village Hall

Part of the six week consultation period

Regulation 14


May 2017

Feb 2017


October 2016


Sunday 30th October on The Green
3pm - 5pm

3.00pm - Stalls open, including face painting and hair decorating
4.00pm - 'Halloween' bin dash, prizes for winners and 'best dressed bin'
4.30pm - The Red Lion, Great Bowden and Shoulder of Mutton annual tug o' war competition, followed by mums, dads and children's competition.

This year the Bin Dash theme is 'Halloween'. You will be able to collect a bin the week before the Dash to give yourselves plenty of time to decorate it.



June 2016

50 Homes plan is passed by Harborough District Council planning committee.

on Fields along Welham Lane

Dear Resident,

You may have heard that Harborough District Council's Planning Committee approved this application last Tuesday at the planning meeting held at the council offices much to the dismay of the Great Bowden residents who attended the meeting!

Seven residents presented objections at the meeting:
Sarah Sutton who spoke about the adverse effects to the rural and historical character of Great Bowden.
Anne French who spoke about the adverse effects to the environment.
Peter Mitchell who spoke about the development being outside the limits of development for Great Bowden
Peter Brewin who spoke about the traffic problems in the village that would be caused by the development
David Wall who spoke about the fact that Welham Lane is not suitable for a significant increase in traffic.
Michelle Daniels, who courageously spoke at very short notice, on behalf of Natalie Holmes, who had lost her voice, on the fact that Great Bowden school can't take any more pupils
Michael Jack who spoke about the fact that the development was against local and national planning policies
The Parish Council was represented by Paul Claxton who presented the Council's objections and our local councillors, Sarah Hill and Barry Champion who also presented objections.

Despite these representations the  approval was given even with the valid 157 objections that were sent to HDC and the 213 residents who signed the petition against this proposed development.

It brings into even sharper focus that the only way to preserve our village is to press ahead at full speed with the neighbourhood plan!

July 2016







Great Bowden Village Pantomime 2014




Great Bowden and District Garden Society Annual Show

Results click here









        August 2013

Archaeology Group Awarded Funding


Sir Edward Garnier, MP for Harborough, Oadby and Wigston, congratulates the Great Bowden Heritage and Archaeology Group on their award of £7,600 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to dig test pits to identify and date evidence of occupation and land use

Thursday, 1 August, 2013

The project will take place in residents’ land and gardens and people of all ages, including local schoolchildren, will be able to take part. The aim is to establish changes in the extent, shape, density and location of land use and residential changes in Great Bowden over the past 1500 years through retrieved pottery, bone, flint, worked stone and soil phosphate levels.

Great Bowden Heritage and Archaeology Group (GBHA) would like to continue eight years of investigation by tapping into the rich heritage of the village. 30 random test sites will be identified and tested. Pits will be dug, where appropriate, to establish the extent of changes that have occurred over 1,500 years of recorded settlement in the area. This work will be completed by GBHA, professionals from the Cambridge University Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA) whose recording protocols will be adhered to, students and local volunteers.

A professional archaeologist will train people to develop skills in pottery and animal bone identification. In addition displays, talks and new media updates will be used to inform a wider audience to learn about the local heritage. The findings will eventually be presented at the Festival of British Archaeology in 2014. 

Sir Edward Garnier said: “Up to 40 local residents, sixth form college students and primary school children will gain archaeology skills to identify artefacts and other objects that have lain hidden for centuries. Other members of the public and the less able will help identify and record finds for inclusion on the group’s website. The whole project provides an excellent opportunity for the local community to get involved. Great Bowden was included in the Domesday Book which shows that people have lived there since at least 1086 so it will be very interesting to see what the team discovers.”

Archaeology News article link



                                                                                                                                            June 2013


Shakespeare’s Descendant Descends from The Church Tower


Reverend James Shakespeare, who is the vicar of St. Peter and St. Paul, Great Bowden in Leicestershire, will step over the edge of the tower roof and abseil to the ground below on Saturday June 29th at 11.00 a.m.

The abseil marks the start of a £100,000 appeal to raise money to bring the church interior up-to-date to better serve the needs of the local community in the 21st century.

Full article (Click here)


JULY 2012

Best Before 1066 


Olympic Bells 2012






Mr P Baildon

Clerk to Great Bowden Parish Council

In rely quote: 12/00024/TREENF

14 Jerwood Way

Market Harborough

LE16 8AL

Please ask for: Mrs Heather Wakefield

Direct Line : 01858 821034

Date: 6th July 2012

Dear Mr Baildon

Planning Enforcement case 12/00024

Unauthorised removal of trees from within Great Bowden Conservation Area,

Old Fernie Hunt Stables site, Nether Green, Great Bowden, Leicestershire

Thank you for your recent letter dated 4th July 2012.

I understand the frustration felt by both the Parish Council and local residents with regard to this particular case.  However, the District Council has thoroughly investigated and considered the matters relating to the case and following legal advice, has taken appropriate action within the limits of the legislation governing this matter.  I can confirm that the landowner has received a formal caution relating to the offence which will go on record and which will be referred to if a similar breach ever occurs in the future.  He will also be responsible for covering the full cost of Tree Replacement and maintenance.   

The Tree Replacement Notice (TRN) which will be served by the District Council upon the landowner, is being drawn up with the professional advice and input of the County Forestry and Arboricultural Officer.  The Notice will require that replacement trees of a specified size and species are planted within a specified time scale.  If any of these replacement trees or other protected trees within the Conservation Area are unlawfully removed in the future, (without the necessary or prior consent being obtained) then there will be provision for further replacement to be required.

The TRN is also being drawn up to take account of the landscaping scheme which has been approved as part of the residential development taking place on this site and as approved by Planning Aplpication11/01108/PCD.

There is no provision within the planning legislation or the District Council’s Constitution/Planning Enforcement Protocol for other external bodies such as the Parish Council or for local residents to be consulted as part of the process of drawing up a TRN or any other Planning Enforcement Notice.  However, the details of this Notice will be publically available once it has been served.  Similarly there is no provision for any compensation to be paid to the Parish Council.

Thank you for your interest in the case. 

Yours Sincerely

Heather Wakefield

Planning Enforcement Officer



Nine Trees Felled


The value of trees

An extract from Harborough District Council’s Great Bowden Conservation Area Character Statement reads: ‘At Nether Green, another of the greens but away from the Main Street, are the buildings of the former kennels of the Fernie Hunt.  Nether Green is separated from the main village centre of the Church and Rectory House by a large tree-fringed paddock, bounded by brick and mud walls and forming an important open space’.

No longer is this the case, the development of the old Fernie Hunt Stables has resulted in the destruction of 17 mature trees.  Nine of these trees, mature Common Limes, have been felled without planning permission, allegedly, and we await HDC’s investigation into this matter.

These trees were about 90 years old and a few minutes with a chain saw has destroyed a valuable eco system.

Trees provide shelter and shade. Trees filter out atmospheric pollutants. Trees shade out harmful solar radiation and have a positive effect on the incidence of asthma. Trees can assist in the cleaning up of contaminated land. Trees, it has been estimated, can increase property values by as much as 18%, with houses and homes in tree lined avenues much desired and sought after. Ask any estate agent. Trees also mask the intrusive nature of many developments where space is at a premium. Trees provide valuable environmental habitats for a myriad of creatures both large and small. Trees bring the countryside into town. Trees enhance the character of local areas. Trees soften the landscape of hard edged towns, making them greener and more attractive. Trees provide long lived memorials to those no longer with us.  John Henry Stokes planted these trees about 90 years ago, providing a living legacy for everyone to enjoy and benefit from today - but no longer.

For the bean counters amongst us we can put a financial value on all of this.  A valuation method called CAVAT (Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees) has been developed and adopted by most councils to put a price on trees.  It allows an assessment of a tree's worth, according to its size, health, historical significance and how many people live near to enjoy it. It assesses worth in actual money terms.  Using this calculation the monetary value of the nine limes allegedly removed without permission is approximately £330,000.

Unfortunately the maximum penalties that can be imposed in a Magistrates Court is a fine of £20,000 per tree – a pittance in comparison with its true worth, although at Crown Court it’s unlimited.

We can only wait and see what HDC’s action will be.  If you wish to contact HDC and raise the profile of the issue please quote planning reference 11/00988/TCA.

Tree Warden




Best before 1066, Great Bowden Village Hall, Sunday 22nd July, 1-4pm


March 2012

Spring Clean - Litter Pick  

The Spring Clean this year was attended by its dedicated regular volunteers and again large amounts of litter were collected.

Welham Lane proved to be a hot spot yet again for rubbish and fly tipping. We will be informing Harborough District Council of this problem area .

Welham Lane Flytipping Problem

Litter collected from Welham Lane


May 2011

Archaeology Weekend

Most years Great Bowden Heritage & Archaeology excavates as part of the Festival of British Archaeology.  This involves much work just before, during and after the weekend.  This year, however, things were different.  The hard work was spread over two years translating a 14th century Latin document, held at the British Library, describing the Open Fields of Great Bowden in detail and then putting together a book entitled Furlong & Furrow on the same subject.

The book also contains a list of over 200 furlong names, many Anglo-Saxon in origin.  These names would have been used in everyday conversation during the medieval period describing where people were going, where they were working and locations for scandal, news and gossip.  Everyone would have known the character of the land described and how productive it was.  We have inherited a picturesque description of our parish.

Michael Wood has written a very supportive foreword and has encouraged us to begin work on our next major research project - the history of St Mary in Arden.   We have made a start by producing a DVD giving details of all the gravestones and inscriptions which were surveyed in the 1950s and which will provide a valuable tool for family historians.

At the Festival event we also had a number of displays and events linked to the medieval fields and remaining ridge and furrow earthworks.  A couple of guided walks were made to nearby good examples of ridge and furrow and there were displays of our finds and field walking and the local celebrities of the 14th century.  For those who like hand-on activities we ran a pottery workshop and will fire the pots in our homemade kiln.  We also had a visit from the Hallaton Treasure Roadshow and people were able to make an Iron Age coin to take home. And we mustn't forget of course the excellent tea and cakes served throughout the day by our catering team.  In all about 120 people attended.

Copies of Furlong & Furrow can be obtained from Steve Allen on 01858 433021

For information on St Mary in Arden gravestone database please contact Muriel Bibby on 01858 465793

If you would like to join the Fieldwalking team please contact Rosemary Culkin 01858 463079.


Great Bowden Archaeology Weekend 2011Great Bowden Archaeology Weekend 2011 Great Bowden Archaeology Weekend 2011Great Bowden Archaeology Weekend 2011Great Bowden Archaeology Weekend 2011 Great Bowden Archaeology Weekend 2011Great Bowden Archaeology Weekend 2011  Great Bowden Archaeology Weekend 2011  Great Bowden Archaeology Weekend 2011

Great Bowden Archaeology Weekend 2011   Great Bowden Archaeology Weekend 2011Great Bowden Archaeology Weekend 2011   Great Bowden Archaeology Weekend 2011



May 2011

Whit Walk

For many years, in medieval times, it was the custom for religious processions from the villages in this area to make their way to the old church of St Mary in Arden at Whitsun to collect the holy chrism oil and take it back to their own parishes for use in baptism,  confirmation and consecration.  Normally this would have been a time  of great celebration and friendship and an occasion to meet up with  people from other neighbourhoods.  However in 1264, during the Baron’s  Revolt, things went horribly wrong.

Probably in that year people from Kibworth came with armed men in  attendance as this was in the middle of civil strife in the country.  Kibworth supported De Montfort and local soldiers fresh from the victory at Lewes when the King Henry III had been captured almost  certainly would have been part of the procession.    The subsequent  fight and killing at St Mary in Arden was brought to light by Michael Wood’s TV series on Kibworth last year.

Great Bowden Heritage & Archaeology thought it would be good to walk with people from Kibworth in a gesture of friendship and make them  very welcome at St Mary in Arden.  Sadly only a late 17th century ruined chapel now remains on the site but we did our best to make it as clean and attractive as possible with a new St Mary’s banner and 
floral decorations and held a short Compline service there to finish the day.

We stopped at Foxton on the way for refreshments from the village store and also at St Peter and St Paul’s church in Great Bowden where we tucked into a delicious tea with home made cakes.  About 30 people took part and we also enjoyed the company of three small children and three well behaved dogs.  The no 44 bus driver was a bit surprised to 
see a long queue waiting for the bus at Great Bowden for the outward journey to Kibworth and people from Kibworth also took the 44 bus back to Kibworth from Market Harborough Station at the end of the day.

The sun shone and our route, although perhaps not entirely the one taken in 1264, was very pretty and the views and vistas of the Leicestershire countryside were much appreciated although quite different from those experienced by our distant ancestors in the open fields that would have existed during medieval times.

Whit Walk 2011 - Kibworth to St Mary in Arden Great Bowden

Whit Walk 2011 - Kibworth to St Mary in Arden Great Bowden  Whit Walk 2011 - Kibworth to St Mary in Arden Great Bowden

Whit Walk 2011 - Kibworth to St Mary in Arden Great Bowden






    March 2011

Litter Pick – Thank You

A huge thank you to all the volunteers and FOCSA who helped on the litter pick.

The litter pick was very successful, collecting in total 26½ bags of litter as well as wheels/tyres, road signs, a sale board, cutlery tray, car parts & hyperdermic needles!

19 people volunteered over the 2 days.

Picture: Some of the bags collected from Leicester Lane.

Litter Pick Spring 2011 - Leicester Lane Great Bowden






February 2011

Good News for Great Bowden and its Separation Land

* update Thursday 3rd February 2011

Public Inquiry - Land off Berry Close, planning application

The Appeal has been dismissed.

For full details of appeal dismissal please click here.



January 2011

Village Voices with Harborough FM

Groups and Societies within Great Bowden

Wednesday 12th January - Village Hall

Harborough FM held an evening for members of all groups within the village to join them for the evening.

To let Harborough FM and its listeners know about the groups, the activities , members, socials events and characters that form the strong community of Great Bowden village.

Tenth recording in the series run by Mkt HarboroughFM 102.3 radio station.
Tell us about life in Great Bowden. It's history, wildlife, local talent, significant structures, etcetera,plus clubs and organisations and any charities they may support.

For more information telephone HFM on 01858 464 666

  November 2010

Public Inquiry - Land off Berry Close, planning application
** update Thursday 4th November2010

Application No: 10/00120/OUT – Berry Close

Appeal Reference: APP/F2415/A/10/2128267/NWF

The Inquiry is now closed and the Inspector has gone away to make his decision.

Several villagers spoke and gave their objections verbally as well as the Parish Council and the Ward Councillors.

The Inquiry was well attended by concerned local residents.

We hope the decision will be made public within the next 2-6 weeks.

Application for 'Access for Development' into Separation Land EV/3

between the village of Great Bowden and Market Harborough.

Field Footpaths across Separation Land at Berry Close Great Bowden


  September 2010



The Application was considered by County Hall on Thursday 16th September and regrettably permission was granted.

Still, thanks go to all residents, Parish Councillors and Ward Councillors who fought hard to oppose the applications by FOCSA and highlight the issues of the improper way in which Focsa moved onto the site without planning permission or notice to residents and also without a fully signed contract being in place with Harborough District Council.

Thanks also go to the Harborough Mail who brought the full story and facts to the Harborough district.

FOCSA - Welham Lane - Great Bowden Village


June/July 2010


During June and July the Archaeological Section of Great Bowden Heritage carried out two weekend excavations in the village.
The first excavation was carried out over the weekend of 26-27th June in Christchurch Paddock which is the field next to Great Bowden Cemetery.  The weather was extremely hot throughout and we had to do some work under the shade of parasols.
The earthworks in the field yielded some interesting remains including a beaten earth surface with some medieval pottery and in a second pit stone foundations and cobbled surfaces probably the remains of a barn. In this second pit the pottery was slightly later probably around 1500-1600. Two trenches in the hollow which runs in a L shape through the paddock revealed a cobbled surface and was probably an old track way.
The second excavation was in the field next to Great Bowden Village Hall known as The Strip. We were looking for the remains of an old barn which was there in 1891 but of which there is no trace visible today.  We succeeded in finding some stone foundations but not sufficient to determine the actual size of the barn and again we found several areas of cobbles plus medieval and later pottery sherds.
This excavation was part of the nationwide Festival of British Archaeology and was open to the public along with a display of our current projects and tea and cakes in the Village Hall on the Sunday afternoon.  We estimate that we had just under 100 visitors.
This now completes the group’s digging activities for this summer and we shall turn our attention to field walking when the crops are harvested. We may also experiment with the geo-phys resistivity meter we hope to purchase in the winter months. 
Both the above digs were shallow and did not require much digging once the turf was removed.  However the group is urgently in need of some more muscle and additional strong diggers before we can attempt to do deeper digs.  If you are interested or know anyone who is and can give up the occasional weekend for a social event involving hard physical work, please get in touch.

Rosemary Culkin, Archaeology warden

View more Images of Christchurch paddock.

View more Images of the weekend excavations.




Green Fair information

If you were unable to attend the event but keen to find out more information please view the attachment to see who was there and how to contact them. Photos of the day are also included. (Green Fair 2010)

Energy Tips
Supplied by the BIG Switch Off Campaign which took place in October 2009
Top Tips for the Home
Top Tips for your Work Place
Typical Energy Usage for Household Appliances

Useful information:-
Green cleaning - Bicarbonate of soda  including Olive Oil, Vinegar & Lemons
Remember ‘Phil’ can buy bicarbonate of soda in bulk for you at a great price.
Which Wood Burns Best? A guide for wood burning stoves and fires. A carbon neutral way to warm your home.


     June 2010

Barnardo's Collection June 2010

Thank you to all those who contributed to the collection recently.

A total of £394.39 was raised and banked to the charity.


May 2010

Great Bowden Recital Trust presents…

Junior X Factor 2010 Competition


please click above

April 2010

Great Bowden Heritage

Members of Great Bowden Heritage met up with historian Michael Wood and David Johnson from Market Harborough Historical Society on 16th April at St Mary in Arden while filming for a programme,  English Story, which is about the history of Kibworth.


April 2010


Great Bowden Winners courtesy of the Neighbourhood Watch

Great Bowden was chosen as the winning bid and awarded £3,500 for a speed monitor.
Special thanks go to David French and Great Bowden Primary School for all their efforts.



April 2010


Great Bowden Heritage and Archaeology - Digging at The Heights.

24th April 2010

We had glorious weather for our first day of digging at The Heights where we and the property owners had already found many sherds of Roman pottery.
We found several more sherds in the pit we dug and one sherd of Samian ware
which is rather unusual.

No diggers - it must be tea break!! & The first pit amongst the tulips.

The excavation in full swing & Searching for finds on one of the spoil tips.

It 's hard work in the sunshine. & When you have finished you have to backfill the trench.

And then stamp it down.

May 2010


Application refused

Full information will be available soon. It is understood operating hours were a main factor.


April 2010



The application was refused permission at the planning committee meeting last night.

Tuesday 13th April 2010.


January 2010


LIBERAL Democrat Phil Knowles has won the Great Bowden and Arden by-election

The result was:
Barry Champion (Cons) - 598 votes
Phil Knowles (Lib Dem) - 966
Majority: 378
Voter turnout: 27.8 per cent.


January 2010


The Parish Council have been notified that the application by FOCSA Services for parking and storing of refuse vehicles, provision of a vehicle workshop and bulking of dry recyclable materials at Tin House Farm / N P Timber, Welham Lane has now been received by the County Council.

The County Council’s Identity Number for the Application is 2009/C168/03. The deadline for comments is now CLOSED (25th Jan)

A copy of this application can be viewed and downloaded via the following link www.leics.gov.uk/eplanning_searchform.htm then entering the above application number and clicking search.

The officer dealing with the application is Miss Jennifer Shaw and she can be contacted on 0116 305 7054


November 2009

New owners of Welton's introduce themselves

Our names are Nicky and Milan, and we moved to the village, just over 2 years ago.
We both have full-time jobs, so we are hoping the current staff will remain in the business, and help us to build on Welton's good name.

We will be extending the product ranges over the coming weeks and months.
We hope to be able to offer:-
Fine wines, Port and specialty beers. Dry Cleaning-drop off and collection service.
Internet, fax, scan and copying service. Fruit and Veg-with delivery service of weekly boxes.
We are also going to continue with the tea room and hopefully build on this.

We are also planning to open later, to offer as much convenience to the village as possible.
I think we all agree the Post Office is a necessity for everyone.
We look forward to providing a great service in Great Bowden.

Nicky & Milan

Welton's Opening Hours Information Tel: 01858 465433 or Email: nicky@weltonsdeli.com

November 2009

New - Crime Map

A new crime mapping service has just been launched which also give the details of the local police team. The link is below and can also be found on the Neighbourhood Watch page for future reference.

Crime Map for Great Bowden and Arden Ward

The site will take a moment to open.


November 2009

Waste site decision handed over

A decision on the site of a Leicestershire waste collection depot has been handed to the county council.

Focsa Services UK Ltd, wanted to store vehicles and some waste at the compound on Welham Road, Great Bowden, but faced opposition from nearby residents.

Harborough District Council, which uses the firm for some services, was to consider the planning application.

Now officials said after obtaining legal advice they decided to hand the matter to the county council.

Those objecting to the new depot had insisted it was unsafe to have it so close to the busy A6.




5th November 09 -
Residents left angry after meeting no-show

29th October 09 - 'Secret' Waste Site Slammed

22 October 2009 - Compost centre could have new site on farm

Leicestershire villagers in uproar over waste depot operation

October 2009


Great Bowden Visual Arts Group

Fourth Annual Art Exhibition

We would like to say a big Thank You!  to the exhibitors and visitors who supported our fourth
Annual Art Exhibition, making it a great success.

Standing in a sea of exhibition space next to an island of flat pack display screens with only a few hours to put them together was daunting. Luckily, as a team we worked intuitively together….. we all knew it was time for coffee! The exhibitors arrived later that day and by the time each item had been placed it had become a very inspiring place to be. We looked forward to opening at 10 am the next morning.

With the exhibits generating a buzz of appreciation, conversation and debate amongst nearly 250 visitors during the course of the weekend, stewarding was both fascinating and rewarding. Sitting behind a desk for that length of time is not usually such an engaging experience!

The People’s Choice vote was a tie between Karen Harrison’s “Sheep” and Jan Nelson’s “Breeze on the Water” – you all voted with such enthusiasm, thank you!
We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Liz Denness
Publicity Officer
On behalf of Karen and Paul Harrison, Kay and James Carpenter
Great Bowden Visual Arts Group

October 2009

Local Development Plan


Housing - Future of district – ‘best way forward’

Residents who helped the council plan for future development in the district can now view what is being considered as the best way forward.

The key points emerging from the potential strategy are:

In January, a six week consultation will begin to get residents' views on the Core Spatial Strategy draft, which is currently being finalised.

View the document at www.harborough.gov.uk/corestrategy or click here.

Core Spatial Strategy -Towards a Final Draft - October 2009


All information above taken from HDC dedicated page.


October 2009

Litter Pick

Thank you to all who helped with the Litter Pick on Saturday 10th October

Litter Pick 2009 Great Bowden Litter Pick 2009 Great Bowden


July 2009

Great Bowden Heritage & Archaeology

Archaeological test pitting at Great Bowden

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th July 2009

We dug a total of 6 metre square test pits in different parts of the village with the kind permission of the landowners.  We were very lucky as the weather stayed fine on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons and we only got wet on Friday evening when we dug one pit in advance.  Pete Liddle, the County Community Archaeologist visited the site on Saturday afternoon.

We had approximately 130 visitors who went round some, or all, of the dig sites and most of whom enjoyed the tea and cakes in the Village Hall afterwards. Both children and adults joined in sieving the spoil tips to look for finds.  Finds were more or less what we expected a good deal of post-medieval and medieval pottery with a few bits of metal, mostly nails, and animal bones, worked flint, and the clinker type remains of metalworking in one pit with burnt brick.  One site yielded an interesting substantial stone floor at one metre depth.  This may be the floor of a building or a courtyard but because of its depth is very old and will require further investigation by Great Bowden Heritage and Archaeology.  Unfortunately the only finds associated with the floor are metal; a part of a horseshoe, a piece of lead and a thin strip of copper, all of which make dating very difficult until further evidence is found.

The Archive section of the Heritage Group will process and identify the finds and they will then be sent to the Archaeologists at County Hall for verification.   Finally the finds will be returned to the owners of the land where the pits were dug.  Great Bowden Heritage and Archaeology would like to thank everyone who visited and supported the event.

Rosemary Culkin
Archaeological Warden for Great Bowden

For Pictures - please click image below



Great Bowden Cemetery Project


Alf Herbert, resident of Great Bowden has spent well over a year raising awareness of the flooding and poor maintenance of the cemetery in Dingley Road.

Clearing of undergrowth, Ivy and planting of a wildflower area, recording and collating information about the site has been undertaken by Alf and many dedicated residents of Great Bowden including Parish Councillors.

The District Council are also involved in helping to improve the situation.

All information gathered can be viewed on the link below as well as all the photographic evidence taken.

Great Bowden Cemetery Project - Link

Flooding & Ivy Clearing - Great Bowden Cemetery




Planning in the District


Future of district – ‘best way forward’

Residents who helped the council plan for future development in the district can now view what is being considered as the best way forward.

The key points emerging from the potential strategy are:

In January, a six week consultation will begin to get residents' views on the Core Spatial Strategy draft, which is currently being finalised.

View the document at www.harborough.gov.uk/corestrategy or click here.

Core Spatial Strategy -Towards a Final Draft - October 2009


All information above taken from HDC dedicated page.






February 2009

Snowmen of Great Bowden 2009

February 2009 brought snow and the snowmen builders!

View the pictures we have



All Year - 2008

Village Festival 2008

Village Festival page including articles and picture gallery for the events



October 2008

Local Village Hall Triumphs at UK Environment Awards

Village Hall receiving award click image to enlarge

The recently completed Great Bowden Village Hall was announced as the Overall Winner at the Biffaward Awards 2008 - a prestigious national awards ceremony held on 09 October, on board HMS Belfast, London.

Great Bowden Village Hall’s successful application to Biffaward for £50,000 formed part of a larger project to build a safer and modern village hall, improving the environment for existing users and attracting future users. Against stiff competition, the project was chosen to go forward to the final round of the annual Biffaward Awards. Great Bowden Village Hall competed against six other projects to become the winner of the Buildings for Community and Culture category, receiving an exclusively designed trophy and a prize of a further £2,000 towards its work.

Great Bowden Village Hall then went on to be chosen as the Overall Winner, and receiving a further exclusive trophy, and a cheque for £5,000. Judges praised the project for its high levels of community involvement and sustainability.

Biffaward, which is managed by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, distributes landfill tax funding to environmental and community projects across the UK.  Since 1997, hundreds of communities and wildlife habitats have been awarded funding.  Its annual awards ceremony recognises the achievements of the diverse projects which have used their funding to make a real difference.

Tim Lowth, Chairman of Biffaward, was guest speaker at the ceremony.  He said: “The Biffaward Awards is an opportunity to applaud those who have had the determination and commitment to make a real difference to their local communities and environments and I congratulate everyone involved in this project.

2008 celebrates the landmark of £100 million in funding awarded through the Landfill Community Fund. This has gone towards hundred projects, and winners like Great Bowden Village Hall are excellent examples of funding going to support local communities in improving their environments.

Biffaward supports a huge range of projects the length and breadth of the UK and we gain a great deal of satisfaction from providing funding which can help to improve people’s lives and environments in so many different ways. This year’s winners will provide inspiration for even more groups to benefit from this funding in the future.”




10 Years On - Historic Information Article - Village Appraisal 1998

Link to 'A Brief History of Great Bowden' and 'A Great Bowden Chronology 1086 - 1998'
Information taken from Village Appraisal book 1998
A Brief History by Prof. H Arthur Jones
Chronology compiled by Michael C Brown



Any Information?

Pictures kindly provided by Richard Bradshaw.

In the Bowden Theatricals one my grandmother Vera, is the girl laying down on the right, in the Bowden school juniors she is the blonde girl standing on the far right.

Do you know anyone else in these pictures? If you do let us know at greatbowden@aol.com

click to enlarge pictures


Jack Pitts 1909, Bowden Theatricals, Bowden School Juniors


Bowden Coronation Festivities & Harborough Show 1897 cup inscription




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